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If you’re looking for professional and affordable cleaning services, then you’ve come to the right place. At Coventry Carpet Cleaners, we provide value-for-money cleaning services for domestic and commercial settings.

Do you want to keep your house and business place squeaky clean at all times? Trust carpet cleaners for a thorough overall cleaning? We provide janitorial services as well as carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning.

We are professionals at what we do. We have the modern and industrial equipment to remove the dirt and debris that everyday cleaning can’t remove. Our state of the art, high power vacuums and steam cleaners can not only remove the dirt accumulated in the fibres of the carpet and upholstery but sanitizes it and removes the smell and stains.

We follow tried and tested cleaning methods that ensure you get the best cleaning for your house or commercial location. Coventry Carpet Cleaners are one of the most loved domestic and commercial cleaners in town.

We are thorough with our work, and our customers love the kind of service we offer. We have professionals working for us who are skilled and come with years of experience under their belt. So no matter how dirty your house or office is, we have the people to clean it for you. We are experts at removing stains and smells that linger even when you clean your house or office. So give us a call today to fix an appointment.


UK Leaders In-Floor Cleaning Technology

As the leading carpet cleaners, we are looking to find a new way of cleaning carpets. So we scouted out the very best innovative technologies and solutions that would clean your carpets better than ever before.

Fully Trained And Insured Technicians

Coventry Carpet Cleaners is a company of professional cleaning technicians who are fully-trained and insured professionals. They ensure that your carpets are professionally cleaned every time you invite them to clean for you.

Wake up to a clean home

High powered machines can penetrate all the layers of the carpet, dislodge dirt, and remove it. You won’t believe how good your carpets look after a professional clean. They will look bright and smell great – just like new. We use a truck-mounted extractor to remove all of the water from your carpets after cleaning, leaving them as dry as when we arrived. Once we’re finished, you’re ready to enjoy your carpet again immediately.

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Our Services


We do a complete domestic cleaning. So if you need cleaning before moving into a new apartment, before the holidays, before reselling your house or just in general, we are more than ready. We will clean all the surfaces, clean the bathroom, kitchen, organise your house and make it look tidy.

Upholstery Cleaning


We will clean upholstery, remove the dirt that accumulates over time and remove stains as well. So when you have old upholstery that has lost its lustre, became dirty from usage, you can trust us to clean it. We have experience with all kinds of upholstery fabric and making it look new.

Carpet Cleaning


We are carpet cleaning experts. When you have carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, has food stains, pet stains, or a bad smell, it doesn’t put a good impression. That is why our trained carpet cleaning will bring in professional carpet cleaning equipment to clean and deodorise your carpet.

Rug Cleaning


If you have expensive rugs that you are scared to damage, you can trust us to be gentle and clean them for you. We ensure the fibres of the rug stay intact, and the quality of the rug doesn’t get destroyed during cleaning.

Deep Clean


When you need deep cleaning, you can trust Coventry Carpet cleaning. We have steamers and pressure washers that can clean and sanitise the tile floor, carpets, upholstery, get rid of the hidden dirt, remove bad smells and make your house look clean.

Tile & Grout Cleaning


The Grout of the tile gets dirty the most, and it is also the most difficult to clean. We are experienced in cleaning tile grouts. We will remove the grout dirt with reliable methods such as pressure washing and environmentally friendly cleaning solution,

Commercial Cleaning


Do you need commercial cleaning, then come to Coventry Carpet Cleaners. We provide cleaning for the bathrooms, upholstery, floor, dusting, sanitising, deep cleaning, electronic equipment cleaning, removing cobwebs, and more. We have cleaned offices, hotels, clinics, stores, and other commercial places.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Carpet at commercial places gets more foot traffic than usual, so the dirt accumulates more. Professional carpet cleaning can help restore the beauty of the carpet and clean it from within. In addition, your customers and your employees will both appreciate you cleaning your carpets at your business location.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning


When you move out of your rented house or apartment, cleaning the house will save you the deposit money. In addition, our affordable cleaning will help you leave the apartment or house in its original state, so the property owners can’t cut your deposit money.

Why Choose Us?

100% Customer Satisfaction – We promise you the highest quality work that you will be satisfied with or we return your money.

Affordable ServicesWe provide competitive pricing for our services. You can be assured about not getting billed unreasonably.

Timely Work – We will always come on time and complete the work within the promised schedule.

Available on Weekends – We are flexible with our timing. If you want us during the weekends, we are available for you.

Free Estimates – We will give you free estimates for the services without any obligation.

Carpet Cleaner
Carpet Cleaning

We use the best carpet cleaning technology available to help your carpets come out like new. You will not believe how good they look after a professional clean: They’ll look bright and smell great – just like new. Carpets are pre-spray treated, machine brushed & fluffed, steam cleaned with a fabric softener, odour neutraliser, + fragranced with a nice scent.

All of that effort is made without moving any pieces of furniture; we take care in making sure everything’s back where it should be upon completion, which means even more convenience for our clients and their homes.

We want to make sure that when somebody looks at those floors or walks on those carpets. They will say, “Have you had new carpets?”


This is where we rinse the carpets of all those nasty stains. We use echo friendly fabric and fibre rinses to ensure that any soap gets completely removed from your carpet so that it won’t get filthy quickly again! The pro chemical fabric and fibre also restore your carpet into its natural pH neutral state – leaving you with a much softer than usual rug or flooring surface. And for good measure, we add in some fresh air deodorizers too – this ensures an odourless home which will last longer because our technicians have the latest technology at their fingertips.


We rinse your carpets of nasty stains using professional products. The pro chemical restores the natural PH balance to its original state, leaving it soft like new again! And last but certainly not least; we add Pro Chemical fresh breeze odour neutralizer, which leaves behind a lovely fragrance that has advanced features such as an ionic charge for maximum odour elimination power with active oxygen protection against bacteria-causing malodours and mildew growth.


Say Goodbye to Unwanted Pests & Bacteria

Ever wonder why you feel itchy all over after sitting on your carpet for a while? It might be because of the bacteria, dust mites and other uninvited guests that have made themselves at home in your carpets. Those little pests can cause an allergic reaction or asthma to sufferers and harm pets in their surroundings too!

Coventry Carpet Cleaners offers a one-stop-shop for all of your carpet, rug and upholstery needs. Imagine coming home to not only the cleanest floor in town but also fewer allergens floating around, thanks to our high-quality cleaners!

UK Leaders In-Floor Cleaning Technology

At Coventry Carpet Cleaning, we’re the innovators of floor care technology.

We have state-of-the-art machines that are better at cleaning floors than any other machine on the market today.

Fully Trained And Insured Technicians

Coventry Carpet Cleaners is a professional company providing you with the most thorough and efficient carpet cleaning service in town. In addition, we provide fully-trained professionals that are insured, ensuring your satisfaction every day of the year!

So if you are looking for a professional company using state of the art equipment and the most up to date techniques to absolutely transform your carpet, then you are in the right place.


We aim to provide you with a great experience, and more importantly, leading providers in carpet cleaning services across the Midlands region. We take to leave your carpet looking as good as new!

Get in touch or book online now to find out how we can improve the look of your floors.

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We are proud to be Coventry’s best professional cleaning company with an ethos for delivering affordable, fast and reliable services across business and domestic customers alike.


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