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Carpet Cleaning Leamington Spa. Are you struggling to find reliable and trustworthy carpet cleaners? Look no further, we are professional carpet cleaners covering Royal Leamington Spa. Servicing domestic and commercial clients alike.

Our Expert Carpet cleaning Leamington Spa friendly team are fully trained and know exactly what to do. Delivering a premium 5-star high-quality service at great value for money.

Our cutting-edge carpet cleaning technology, non-toxic products, and processes deliver a deeper clean with noticeable results, results that will leave you feeling confident and your house smelling fresh!

Unfortunately, many carpet cleaning services concentrate on the surface, doing a fast clean that leaves tough grime and filth behind. That is not, however, what you will receive from our trained technicians.

Our aim is to ensure our customers feel confident and you will stare in disbelief at the amazing results and fantastic service delivered by our fully trained staff.

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If you are interested in any of our services then contact us today. We would absolutely love to hear from you. We are always happy to give you free advice and offer free no-obligation quotes.

As a local company, we have worked extremely hard to earn our reputation. We value all our domestic and commercial customers and will always strive to give you the best service possible.

Our Carpet Cleaning Prices in Leamington Spa are affordable. Our Carpet Cleaners work to stringent processes. We use state of the art industrial equipment and all our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and family-friendly, but still, have the ability for maximum stain removal. You can rest assured that your carpets will be cleaned to the highest standard.

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Our Services


We do complete domestic cleaning. So if you need carpet, upholstery, hard floor cleaning, or any questions regarding the wide variety of services we offer, give us a call. We can offer one-off cleans or maintenance packages throughout Leamington and the West Midlands.

Upholstery Cleaning


Upholstery Cleaning, we remove the grime that accumulates over time and can remove stubborn stains from your carpet upholstery. When you have old upholstery that has lost its lustre, has become grubby and dirty from usage, you can trust us to clean it. We have experience with all kinds of upholstery fabric and can give your furniture a new lease of life.

Carpet Cleaning


We are carpet cleaning experts proficient in, dust and stain removal. Our trained carpet and upholstery team use only state of the art equipment. Using only family-friendly products. The health of your family and pets are of the upmost importance to us

Rug Cleaning


If you have expensive rugs that need a clean, you can trust our carpet upholstery team to deliver a professional job. We ensure the fibres of the rug stay intact and the quality of the rugs doesn’t get destroyed during our deep cleaning process. Leaving your rugs stain-free and smelling fresh. Call us for our competitive pricing.

Deep Clean


When you need deep cleaning, you can trust Coventry Carpet cleaning. We have steamers and pressure washers that can clean and sanitise the tile floor, carpets, upholstery, get rid of stains, remove bad smells and make your house look clean.

Tile & Grout Cleaning


The Grout of the tile gets dirty the most, and it is also the most difficult to clean. We are experienced in hard floor cleaning. We only use the very best cleaning products and remove mud from deep within your tile grouting, using reliable tried and testing methods. You will only receive great service at an affordable price.

Commercial Cleaning


Do you need commercial cleaning, in Royal Leamington Spa? We provide a whole-house cleaning service transforming dirty bathrooms, upholstery, floor, dusting, sanitising, deep cleaning. You can choose from one-off cleans or sign up for one of our maintenance packages. We’ve been in the professional cleaning business for a very long. Call us today for a free no-obligation quote today!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning


We’ve been cleaning carpets for a long time. We have serviced many commercial clients over the years. Your office gets more foot traffic than usual and grime accumulates at a higher rate. Our services can help restore your carpet and upholstery furniture for your business. We know you want to give your customers the right impression. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning service can be tailored to your needs and will leave your business stain-free and clean at a competitive price.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning


When you are moving out of your rental property, making sure you leave it clean and stain-free, will help you get your deposit money back. Our affordable carpet and upholstery cleaning service deliver’s a great job ensuring you keep your Landlord happy.

Our End of Tenancy packages covers Hard floor, stain removal, odour removal, carpets and upholstery cleaning in Royal Leamington Spa.

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7 Benefits Of professional Cleaning carpets Coventry

Please advise our helpful technician during the inspection and before cleaning if you know the nature of any stains or areas of concern to maximise our pre-spotting efforts for a deep clean.

1. Extends the life of your carpet

One big benefit of our carpet upholstery cleaners and the great service we offer to both residential and commercial clients is that it helps your carpets last longer. When you don’t have your carpets or sofa cleaned, dust and allergens build up in the carpet fibres, which can eventually cause them to split and end up degrading.

Removing stains debris from your carpets will help it look newer and smell clean.

As experienced carpet cleaners in Coventry, we will only use premium cleaning products to deliver our great service. Couple this with our hot water extraction methods to remove the debris from deep within the fibres, leaving your carpets upholstery sanitised and fresh. Homeowners can also help keep the build-up of dirt from sinking into your carpets, upholstery and furniture between cleanings by vacuuming regularly.

2. Better for a healthier environment Coventry

Using our friendly carpet cleaning company in Coventry will contribute to a clean house and that’s free of allergens.

Dust and allergens captured in your carpet and sofas can be a nuisance but are especially dangerous to our domestic and residential customers health if you have allergies or respiratory issues.

The high temperature of the water and are superior cleaning products kill off allergens, so they are no longer a health threat and leaves the surface of the carpet fully sanitised.

3. Complete removal of dirt and bacteria Coventry

Vacuuming around your home will only remove surface dirt. Debris that has become embedded within the fibres of your carpet, sofas and upholstery will stay there until it receives a professional treatment using our carpet cleaning Coventry.

Bacteria from your carpets can wear down the fibres of your carpets and create an unpleasant smell.

4. Eliminates Carpet Stains Coventry

Another great advantage provided by professional carpet upholstery cleaners Coventry is their ability to remove the toughest stain. Our highly trained technicians can remove the following:

  • Coffee spills
  • Mud
  • Ink
  • Pet stains
  • Red wine

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaners Coventry, after we have completed a great job, you won’t have to worry about looking at the ugly spots on your rugs or be embarrassed any longer in front of guests. Your guest will be asking when did you buy your new sofa!

5. No Residues

Older and cheap carpet equipment, can be inefficient and leave some of the cleaning solutions behind on your hard floor or carpets.

On the other hand, the equipment used by Coventry Carpet and upholstery cleaners is always updated and we only use the very best cleaning product. You’ll be amazed at the difference when we restore your leather furniture, rugs and carpets to a like-new condition. We also employ the hot water extraction technique to achieve the best results, leaving the fibres stain free.

6. Reduces Traffic Lane Effects

Carpet cleaning can reduce the effects of traffic lanes, extending its lifespan in high-travelled areas.

Areas of your carpet that receive significant foot traffic from you or your pets, including hallways, living rooms, kitchens, etc., will deteriorate much faster than those in bedrooms or under your sofa. This is because dirt is constantly being tracked in these areas, and you may have even noticed that these areas appear darker than others.

But the advantage of our premium carpet cleaners is that they will remove stains and slow down these “traffic lanes” effects. We will remove the dark areas of the carpet and the fibres will be restored.

7. Enhances overall appearance of the room

Did you know that your carpet is the largest furnishing in a room? It is also the one that receives the most use. Not many people realise exactly how much grime is being tracked every day.

While you may not notice it at first, over time the room can look dirty and outdated. Our process keeps not only the fibres looking new but will lift the aesthetics of the room.

Why Are We The Best?

  • We have a great clientele who trust us not only for our many years of experience but also appreciate our constant evolution in the cleaning business.
  • We trust our team who have worked with us for a long time and we trust them with our clients.
  • Our experience has aided in getting us a lot of familiarity with the new technologies introduced in the cleaning industry.
  • We make sure to see through the process of cleaning provided as promised o the clients.
  • We provide our clients with the requirements to be taken care of beforehand the team arrives at their residence according to the range of the services provided.
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