Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary To Have My Carpets Cleaned On A Regular Basis?

If you have asthma, allergies, or other health problems, you should clean your carpets on a regular basis. Depending on the extent of soiling and whether there are children or pets on the premises, we suggest professional cleaning every 6 to 12 months.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Prepare The Carpet Before The Expert Specialist Arrives?

Vacuuming, removing family heirlooms, and moving smaller items to another area or room are all recommended. Larger, non-movable things will be discussed when you arrive.
During cleaning, noises may terrify youngsters or pets. While cleaning is being done, it is recommended that they be relocated to another room.

After A Tile And Grout Cleaning, When Will I Be Able To Walk On My Floors?

For at least 30 minutes, stay off freshly cleaned tile floors. If grout sealing is included in the service, avoid getting any liquid on the floor for 24 hours until the sealer cures completely.

Is There Going To Be An Odor?

You may notice a slight odour after cleaning the tile and grout. The stench normally dissipates within an hour, although it can take longer depending on air movement, heat, and humidity.

Is It Possible To Remove Stains And Pet Odours From Furniture Upholstery?

Without a doubt! We’ll clean your upholstery as thoroughly as we clean your carpets, so it’s clean and fresh. Our professional technicians have nearly 30 years of experience, so they know how to care for specialty fabrics like leather, chenille, boucle, and silk brocades. Regular professional upholstery cleaning is advised for homes with children or pets. Pet fur and dander may be present in the materials, causing allergy reactions, and children (and pets) may unwittingly transmit mould and other contaminants from the outdoors, posing health dangers.

Is It Necessary For Me To Be At Home For Each Cleaning Service?

No. Most of our customers aren’t home when we arrive because we work during weekdays. Our insured house cleaning workers are typically given a spare key or garage code in the majority of these situations.

What Happens If Something Gets Broken During A Service?

Every home we have cleaned is treated with the utmost respect. If something breaks during our usual service, we’ll do everything we can to repair or replace it. Our domestic housekeepers are fully insured, so you may file a claim if necessary.

When tenants or owners move in or out of a property, they will expect the property to be well cleaned. As a result, it might be represented to new tenants or owners.

Will Your Team Degrease The Kitchen Appliances?

Yes, we degrease all appliances, cupboards, wall tiles, extractor, and hobs with special products.

Is It Necessary To Clean Business Buildings On A Regular Basis?

Daily cleaning is necessary for all open and running buildings and enterprises, according to the CDC. We can devise a cost-effective strategy to help your company maintain a more professional and clean atmosphere while adhering to all applicable laws and regulations.


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