Our Services

We provide all round cleaning services for the people of Coventry. When you want cleaning for your residential or commercial property that includes everything under the roof, you have got us.

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Our Services

Our work includes a range of cleaning services as listed below.

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We provide commercial carpet cleaning for the carpets in offices, hotels, shops, etc. Commercial carpets get dirty more frequently due to the heavy foot traffic and keeping it clean is even more important for the sake of your business.  Professional cleaning is quick and effective in cleaning your carpets without damaging it.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning

When you are at the end of your tenancy and leaving the house you have been living in, you might need to clean it. Leaving the house as clean as when you first arrived can help you save money that the landlord might deduct from your deposit. Professional cleaning ensures your house is spotless and every surface is cleaned to perfection that too at an affordable price.

Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

After renovation or construction at your property, you will need cleaning done. Professional cleaning will remove the debris, and remove dirt and dust that accumulates after a construction process. Your house of business will be ready to use once we are done cleaning it.

Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odour Removal

We remove pet odour from your house or business property with professional methods. Pet urine in carpets and upholstery could linger for days and with appropriate cleaning methods you can get rid of the smell.

Deep Clean

Deep Cleaning Services

Our deep cleaning services includes cleaning every corner, grouts, carpets, upholstery, rug, kitchen, bathroom, floor, under the furniture areas and more. We will clean and sanitise every surface, deodorize the area to make it smell nice as well.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We will clean all kinds of carpets in your residential property. We use non-toxic and effective methods of carpets cleaning to remove dust, dirt and stains from your carpet.

Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning

We will clean your expensive rugs without damaging it. No matter how delicate your rug is we have the appropriate method of cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

When the upholstery of your house or business property needs cleaning, come to us. We are professionals at upholstery cleaning and we do it right.

Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile And Grout cleaning

Removing dirt from grout is the most difficult thing. That is why our company provides special service for tile and grout cleaning for commercial and residential properties.

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We are your reliable cleaning company that has been in business for more than 30 years now. Our team understands the importance for professional cleaning and does it right. We are a licensed and insured company that you can trust.


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