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You don’t want your guests to scrunch their nose when they first enter your house. Urine odor can do that. Cats and dogs have a distinctive chemical smell to their urine that is hard to remove without professional help.

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Especially if they have soaked in your carpet or upholstery the smell will linger no matter how much you try to clean it. When your house smells like cat urine, the first call you should make is to Coventry Carpet Cleaners. If other products and services have failed, we can start up where they left off and eliminate any leftover pet urine stink! On a regular basis, we remove significant pet pee odour from homes, garages, and pet businesses! We remove old carpet and flooring, prepare the concrete or subfloors, then encapsulate the surfaces to permanently eliminate any stench from pets.

In Coventry and the neighbouring areas, we offer a pet odour inspection service. Since you even not know that your house is smelling of pet urine until someone outside comes in. With professional inspection we can identify the areas where pet smell is emanating from.

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Home Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, Property Managers, and Tenants can all benefit from a Pet Odor Inspection. This service is useful for concerns such as disclosure, pet deposits, and tenant conflicts. The goal of the pet odour inspection is to uncover evidence of pet urine damage, present a brief report of our findings, and provide an itemised price for odour removal. Pet urine odour is not the only issue pet urine can cause. It can discolour, stain, and destroy carpets, hardwood floors and more. With professional cleaning you will be saving your expensive upholstery, carpets and rugs.

Pet urine and urine in general has ammonia and the distinctive smell of ammonia is not good. Urine also has bacteria that can grow on wet surfaces and cause harmful health effects. If you have toddlers in your house or customers coming in your commercial property, getting rid of the pet urine from fabric surfaces becomes all the more important. When your pet urinates on carpets, rugs or upholstery, simple cleaning with water doesn’t do it. It may also damage your carpet or expensive rug. DIY methods are just home remedies that don’t work. As professionals we have helped thousands of people get rid of the smell without damaging the property.

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We offer Carpet cleaning Service as well as upholstery removal as part of our pet odour removal service. Why worry about your house or business smelling like pet urine when you can get rid of the smell. With effective cleaning and deodorizing you can be assured your property is smelling fresh and welcoming. There is no job too filthy for our professionals to handle; they’ve seen it all! When we’re done, the smell of pee will be completely gone! We don’t leave any lingering perfumes to cover up remaining urine odours that will return in a week or a month! We guarantee that after we finish the job, the stink will be completely gone and will not return! If you are looking for a reliable business in Coventry, call us today. We give free estimates.

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